Home Health Care Insurance

Home Health Care Insurance

Expertise in Philadelphia Home Health Care Agency Insurance

Home health care is one of the fastest growing industries in the US. But it’s fraught with risks. And because it’s changing so quickly, not all insurance carriers are properly set up to provide the right kind of protection.

To be sure you get the best coverage you need, flexible enough to meet the changing demands and shape of your business, you need to talk to home health care insurance experts, like those at Pennsylvania Insurance Network.

We have the experience and depth of knowledge to put the right coverage in place for your business at some of the most competitive rates available. And we work only with qualified, quality insurance carriers who know your industry as well as you do.

Our customized home care insurance program serves businesses across Greater Philadelphia and covers a wide variety of activities such as:

  • Home nursing services
  • Home health aide services
  • In-home physical therapy providers
  • Occupational and speech therapy specialists
  • Medical social work services
  • Home-based hospice services

If your business is home care related, we can insure you.

The Pennsylvania Insurance Network Home Health Agency Insurance Program

Like most other businesses, the structure and needs of your agency are unique. They reflect the size and scope of your business and the specific services you provide.

So, you don’t want an “off-the-shelf” insurance policy that may or may not cover all the risks you face. You certainly don’t want to discover too late that your policy doesn’t protect you for some of disaster you encounter.

That’s why we’ve developed a custom program that allows us to build the best coverage for you within your budget. It features a range of options that include:

  • General business liability to protect against lawsuits arising from injuries or damage to third parties and their properties arising from accidents
  • Professional liability (errors and omissions insurance) to protect against claims against your performance and any advice you provide.
  • Employment practices liability to protect against claims of discrimination by employees or job applicants.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance, including coverage for hired and non-owned autos (HNOA). (Auto claims are the number one claim in home health care?)
  • Employee insurances including workers’ compensation insurance, employee dishonesty bonds and coverage for abuse and molestation
  • Cyber insurance to protect against the risks of a data breach of your highly confidential records.
  • Inland marine coverage.

5 Ways We’ll We Help You

Here are five reasons why it makes sense to insure your home health care agency through Pennsylvania Insurance Network:

1.The home health care regulatory environment is constantly changing and effective insurance relies on your compliance. We’ll make sure you’re up to date.

2.We work with multiple insurance carriers, which allows us to get the best coverage at the best price. We shop around to save you the time and the hassle.

3.We can answer your questions and provide support when you need to file a claim.

4.We’re here on the ground in Philadelphia, not at the end of a customer-service phone line in another state. You can call in to see us at any time. We’d like to meet with you too to get an accurate assessment of your needs.

5.Whether you’re already in business and looking for better, value coverage or you’re just starting up and want to get off on the right foot, we can help. If you’re already insured, we’ll review your existing policy free of charge.

Get Your Answers Now

Whether you’re a single person operation or a business with multiple employees, we can answer your questions and get you insured.

Now, you can put us to the test without cost or obligation. Just order up a free, no-commitment quote right now and find out.