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Technology Contractors Insurance

Technology Contractors Insurance

Pennsylvania Insurance for Technology Contractors

IT consultancy and other technology services may be one of the fastest growing business sectors. But you only have to follow the news and law reports to confirm it’s also one of the riskiest.

Virtually every day, when we read about data breaches or system failures, someone is pointing a finger of blame at an equipment or service provider. The end result can be extremely costly.

You probably already know and accept that you need technology insurance. But you may not feel confident about the level of protection you need or which specific risks should be covered. And you likely also won’t know where you can cut a great deal on great protection from a top-quality insurance carrier.

Across the Pennsylvania Metro area, many IT contractors have already found the answers to these questions and more by calling in the tech insurance experts at Pennsylvania Insurance Network.

Custom IT Insurance Program

We’ve developed our own technology insurance program, which we customize for each individual client based on the scope of their business, the risks they face and, of course, their budget.

The program includes several options including the most critical coverage:

  • Professional liability insurance. Commonly referred to as errors and omissions insurance, this is absolutely essential to protect against the potentially destructive costs of lawsuits or compensation. It covers a huge range of legal risks that many tech professionals encounter. For example:
    • Coding and integration mistakes
    • Missed deadlines
    • Allegations of negligence in advice you provide
    • Technology that fails to meet specifications
    • Errors leading to a data breach — even faulty software that you supplied but may not have written. Separate data breach insurance is also available
    • Backup failures
  • General liability insurance for techs. This covers many other risks not associated with your professional performance, such as injuries or damage you cause to others or their property in the course of doing your job. It also protects against injuries someone suffers while visiting your business.
  • Insurance for the vehicles, tools and equipment you use in your day-to-day business. Your office or other premises can also be insured against fire, theft and vandalism
  • Employee-related insurance including workers comp, employment practices liability, employee dishonesty.
  • Certification and bonds, often required as a contractual condition. These can be issued quickly and usually at no cost.
  • Additional insured — adding named individuals as endorsements to your existing policy.
  • Umbrella insurance to provide additional coverage if the limits of your standard policy are breached.

How Pennsylvania Insurance Network Helps You

We know the tech consulting business and we understand the types of risks you face. But our clients enjoy many more benefits such as:

  • We’re an independent insurance agent, which means we’re not tied to just one company. We work with all the leading tech insurers and can shop around for the coverage that matches your needs at highly competitive prices.
  • We’re here on the ground. We can answer all your insurance-related questions and provide guidance on managing risk in your business.
  • We keep rates under review and stay in touch with clients so their technology insurance policy keeps pace with the changing shape of their business.
  • We can help and support you if you need to make a claim.

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There’s no need for you to shop around for the best deal, or worry about whether you’re adequately protected. We’ll look after your needs.

You can put us to the test right now, without either cost or obligation.