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Kennel and Veterinarian Insurance

Kennel and Veterinarian Insurance

Top-Notch Insurance for your Pennsylvania Veterinarian and Pet Care Business

Caring for other people’s pets is a big responsibility. It can also be fun and rewarding — and profitable — but only if your activities are properly protected by insurance.

Whether you’re a veterinarian, a groomer, a kennels owner or a provider of any one of scores more pet-care services, business insurance is essential to take care of the risks you face every day.

But every pet business is different. So, if you want to be adequately protected without paying for coverage you don’t need or finding gaps is your coverage that fail to protect, you need a customized program tailored to your own, special needs.

You’ll find the expertise you need at Pennsylvania Insurance Network, the specialist agent that hundreds of businesses already trust to take care of their interests.

We’re an independent agency, which means we’re not tied to a single insurer. Instead, we work with all the leading A+ providers of vet insurance, kennel insurance and dog grooming insurance throughout the state.

That also enables us to secure competitive pricing that’s hard to beat.

Do I Need Insurance for my Pet Business?

The biggest risk any business faces is the possibility of being slammed with a costly liability lawsuit when something goes wrong. Even if you or your employees are not to blame, accidents can happen on your premises. And regardless of who’s at fault, you could still be landed with hefty defense legal costs.

You also need to protect many other elements of your business — from your premises, vehicles and equipment, through the people who work with you, to the risks of data security breaches and other dangers that can impact profitability and your reputation.

What Types of Kennel Insurance, Vet Insurance or Dog Grooming Insurance Should I Get?

At Pennsylvania Insurance Network, we’ve been working with veterinarian offices, commercial kennels and grooming parlors for more than a decade.

We’ve developed a unique approach to customizing that enables clients to understand and select exactly the protection they need to fit in with their particular business and budget.

Options include:

  • General liability insurance — protect against those deadly lawsuits, for example if a client suffers an injury as a result of an accident at your office.
  • Building and equipment — protect against many perils including fire, theft and vandalism.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance — essential for any veterinarian, kennel or grooming business, but especially important for mobile groomers.
  • Professional liability — this is different from general liability and covers you against lawsuits alleging you behaved unprofessionally, made mistakes leading to injury or loss, or gave bad advice.
  • Data breach — we hear about computer systems being hacked every day, and small businesses are considered highly vulnerable. If your systems are breached, it could be extremely costly to put things right with your clients, banks and others.
  • Employee-related coverage, including disability, workers’ comp, and employment practices liability coverage — the latter for if you’re accused of discrimination by an employee or job applicant.
  • Dog bailee — covers things like medical care for animals injured in your care, stolen or lost. Also covers the cost of rewards for lost or stolen pets, plus the cost of temporary accommodation for animals if your premises become unusable.
  • Business disruption and/or loss of income arising from an insured peril.

How Pennsylvania Insurance Network Helps You

Don’t worry if the variety of insurance protections seems bewildering. At Pennsylvania Insurance Network, we get to know your business and walk you through your options.

We save you time and money by shopping around for the best deals, and we work with insurers to secure valuable discounts for our clients.

Our friendly team of professionals is also here to answer your questions and to help if you ever need to make a claim.

And we regularly monitor your protection to ensure you’re always properly covered at the best price.

Get Your Free Quote Now

Whether you’re new to the pet business or you’ve been insured with someone else and are looking for a better deal, Pennsylvania Insurance Agency will review your needs and provide a fast quote.

All you have to do is contact us for a free, no-commitment quote. Do it now and save yourself time and money.