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Hotel Insurance

Hotel Insurance

Best Value Hotel, Motel and B&B Insurance for Philadelphia

Protecting the high level of investment you’ve already made in your hotel, motel or B&B calls not just for quality business insurance. You also want value. And you want a policy tailored to the unique nature of your business.

You’ll get this and more when you insure your hospitality business through Pennsylvania Insurance Network. We’ve been protecting businesses like yours throughout the Philadelphia Metro area for more than a decade.

We can insure just about any type of hospitality operation for just about any type of risk, customized into a comprehensive, value-competitive plan.

Our program coverage includes:

  • Insurance for hotels — including franchises and small independents, with or without restaurants.
  • The special insurance needs of boutique hotels
  • All levels of motel insurance
  • Insurance for bed and breakfast establishments
  • Innkeepers insurance, including historic inns
  • Other types of lodging businesses
  • Coverage for special, one-off events and conferences

Your Hotel Insurance Options

The coverage we’ll secure for you depends on the type and size of your business, the specific risks you face, and, of course, your budget.

Options will include:

  • Liability protection, including:
    • General liability. This can include coverage against legionella disease, a feature often excluded by some policies
    • Employee benefits liability
    • Liquor liability
    • Product liability (for items you sell, including food)
    • Professional liability
    • Security guard liability
  • Food spoilage insurance for your restaurant
  • Property insurance, with special hospitality and leisure enhancements
  • Protection against employee and customer crime
  • Flood insurance and coverage for other types of catastrophe
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Equipment failure coverage
  • Workers compensation package
  • Inland marine overage for items such as computer equipment, antiques and fine arts, golf carts and golf course maintenance equipment
  • Business disruption and income/profitability loss
  • Personal property insurance for guests

We can also build in umbrella insurance, which will significantly increase the financial levels of your coverage — a feature increasingly in demand in the hotels industry these days.

Value and Service

Pennsylvania Insurance Network represents many insurance carriers, which means we can shop around for you to get the best coverage at the most competitive price for your needs.

Often, we can secure valuable discounts, for example when you have multiple policies via the same insurance company, or when insuring a hotel business with multiple locations.

We work only with the most reputable insurance companies, licensed (and therefore protected) by the state. Your coverage can be written either as a comprehensive package or for single lines of insurance.

Direct billing or installment payment plans may be available for comprehensive plans.

Our hotel insurance specialists know and understand your industry and its risks. They’ll not only make sure you’re properly protected but also provide risk management advice to minimize the likelihood of incidents that could affect your business.

Furthermore, our friendly team are here on your doorstep to answer your questions about insurance for hotels and to provide support if you ever have to make a claim.

We’re a customer-service-driven business employing the latest technology to ensure our clients are up to date on insurance-related legal compliance and franchisor compliance. And we continuously monitor rates within the industry and the changing needs of our clients to be sure you’re always covered.

In other words, we make it easy and safe for you!

Get A Fast Quote Now

There’s no need for you to shop around or worry about whether you’re properly protected. We’ll do that!

All you have to do is use this page or pick up your phone and call us and, after a few simple questions, we’ll provide a fast ball-park quotation for your coverage.

No cost to you. No obligation to use our services. Why not do that right now? We’re ready and we can help.