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Backyard Weddings

While small, at-home weddings may limit the risk related to COVID-19, they increase the risk of a home mishap. Commercial venues and traditional wedding vendors carry significant liability coverage. But you may not have that safety net. The homeowner retains all the risk if something goes wrong.
For those that want more protection, you can obtain special event riders and standalone policies to boost their existing liability insurance and protection from cancellations.
Here are three considerations for backyard nuptials :
1) Wedding day woes. Homeowners insurance typically covers the common, but unfortunate, incidents that one may expect at any wedding, regardless of venue. For example, home insurance covers any casualties related to gifts—whether a neighborhood wedding crasher steals a gift or one melts by a fire pit.
Injuries are also not uncommon at weddings. In the event of an injury—for example, a guest is injured on a wet dance floor or slips on their way out the door—the homeowner’s personal liability coverage will cover legal and medical bills.
However, in an instance where the homeowner does not have liability coverage and also does not show “reasonable care,” meaning they don’t show a degree of caution and concern for the safety of others, then the homeowner can be held negligent and therefore liable for the injury.
2) Alcohol-fueled accidents. With weddings typically comes alcohol consumption, and with alcohol consumption comes an increased risk for accidents to happen.
Traditional wedding venues have liquor liability coverage to protect against any drunken mishaps. Homeowners don’t have this protection within their home insurance policy. If a wedding guest gets in a drunk-driving accident after leaving the party, the host can be held liable for injuries to third parties, car passengers, and any damages resulting from the accident and subsequent claims and lawsuits.
3) Cooking calamities. While there are many ways to feed guests, hosts will often opt to hire a caterer. But homeowners beware!  Cooking and servicing can pose a major risk. Kitchen fires are a  leading cause of home claims, and caterer could create slippery surfaces that may lead to guest injury.  Make sure you caterer has proper insurance for and obtain a certificate of insurance listing the host, and couple as additional insureds.  
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