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Small Business Loans – Paycheck Protection, EIDL Loans and Grants – resources for you

As a small business owner, I wanted to share with others some of the financial options that may help you weather this Coronavirus storm.  With so much changing each day we are providing some links that will help you.  The first is a great article with some Q&A.  Although the author is from Georgia, the information applies to all.


The second is a link to Montgomery County to apply for a Grant for up to $25,000.


The advice I have been given is to apply to several banks and when you actually get to the underwriting process you can withdraw your other applications.  The Economic Injury Disaster Loan is much faster – you may get your money in days.  Read the details of the loan carefully – it is low interest rate.


This is the link to the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Advance:


Please note this is note financial advice, but simply passing along information that you might find relevant.